Pricing API

This API is used for policy pricing, creation and resolution.

You should have received a partner-specific URL and credentials to use this API. If you didn't, please contact our support team to set up the required services and credentials.


For policy creation and resolution the body of the request must be signed.

There's two options available for signing:

  • Symmetric: a shared secret will be provided and it has to be used to compute an hmac digest. The digest must be sent in the X-Ensuro-Signature of the request.

  • Asymmetric: An authorized ethereum account is used to sign the body of the message. This method is safer because only the partner has access to the private key and it does not need to be sent over the internet ever. The signature is computed following the EIP191 standard. It must be sent in the X-EIP191-Signature header of the request.

Only one of the methods must be used, and "Asymmetric" is the preferred one.

See our samples repository for a js example of how to use each one.

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