Onboarding process

How do I invest in a Ensuro pool?

To invest in the Ensuro pool, Liquidity providers (LPs) need to have a non-custodial wallet installed in their browser (e.g. Metamask) or installed in their phone (e.g. Coinbase wallet, Trust wallet, etc) that can be connected using Wallet Connect. The LPs need to operate on the Polygon network. More information on how to add a new network to your wallet can be found here.

When entering the Ensuro website, the LPs can select which pool to invest their funds in. Currently, Ensuro has two types of pools: Junior and Senior. The Junior pool covers the first tranche of the risk, while the Senior pool covers the remainder. The Junior Pool is riskier and thus rewards the LPs with a higher interest rate, while the Senior Pool is less risky,which is reflected in the relatively lower interest rate. More information about the structure of the product can be found here.

The LPs first sign a transaction with their wallet to accept the terms of service of Ensuro and to make sure they are the owners of that wallet. After the signature is completed, the LPs can start the Know Your Customer (KYC) process directly from the frontend of the app. Once the KYC process is completed and the information is validated, the wallet will be whitelisted and is able to interact with the Ensuro Liquidity Pool smart contract. LPs will be able to deploy their cryptocurrencies (currently, only USDC is available) and, by providing capacity for the various insurance products, earn an interest rate on those funds.

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